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FIMAS Fabricated Polyethylene Fitting
FIMAS Fabricated Polyethylene Fittings
With the ever increasing demand for complex and cost efficient design for water, gas & sewer infrastructure system, polyethylene fabricated fittings will play an important role in helping engineers and contractors to unravel in difficult installation situations where common polyethylene fittings fails.

FIMAS Fabricated fittings can come in various sizes, angles and shapes. It is available in either PE80 or PE100 materials. All FIMAS Fabricated fittings are suitable for application such as in water, gas and sewer. We have a group of experience and well train engineer welders that specializes in producing and fabricating polyethylene fittings for the past 10 years and it is with these fundamentals that Resintech will again prove to be the best of its kind in the industries that we are in.

FIMAS Fabricated Fitting features:

  • Available from sizes of 20mm up to sizes of 1200mm
  • Customization of fitting according to requirement of client regardless of sizes, angle and shape
  • Available in either PE80 or PE100 material
  • Suitable for water, gas & sewer application
  • Group of well experience engineer welders to fabricate HDPE fitting

Elbow 45°
Elbow 90°
Tee 90°, Equal