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FIMAS PE Thermoweld Fitting
FIMAS PE Thermoweld Fittings
The development and manufacturing of FIMAS Thermoweld fittings demonstrated again Resintech relentless effort in pursuing and improving its range of polyethylene products.

Previous thermoweld fittings are mainly a result of fabrication of polyethylene pipes into fittings which are not leak proof and depend mainly on quality of fabrication by welders. With the development of FIMAS Thermoweld fittings, these short coming are non existent as all FIMAS Thermoweld fittings are manufacture using the latest injection molded technology which contribute to its high reliability & performance, longer lasting life cycle service, leak proof connections and easy operation.

FIMAS Thermoweld fittings are another extension from the FIMAS Electro Fusion fittings as both are able to compliment one another during complex installation situations. FIMAS Thermoweld Fittings are manufactured using PE80 or PE100 materials and sizes are available from 20mm up to 800mm diameter.
Elbow 90°
Elbow 45°
End Cap
Tee 90°, Equal
Tee 90°, Reducer
Stub End

FIMAS Thermoweld Fittings features:

  • Suitable for both gas and water polyethylene applications
  • Available in SRD11, 13.5, 17, 21 and 26, PE80 or PE100
  • Elbow, Equal Tee, Reducer, Reducing Tee, Stub End & End Cap in sizes of 20mm up to 800mm are all available
  • State of the art injection molded technology, no fabrication needed as all fittings are produce in one piece
  • Uncommon fittings such as Reducing Elbow, Reducing Tee and Reducer can be assembled upon special request
  • Meticulous turning of clamped part ensure fitting’s roundness and precise dimension
  • Thicker Wall thickness in none cocket zone ensure fitting reliability and performance
  • Compliance with ISO Standard & BS EN 12201-3:2003
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Safe, leak proof and easy jointing by using electro fusion fitting or butt fusion.